Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Little Red Riding Hood or How To Make Wolf Surprise"

      This cartoon is very interesting to me in the way it portrays main characters. At a first glance, most people will think about another portrayal of Little Red Riding Hood as she is followed by three wolves with bad intention easily recognized. She is stalked and the wolves’ eyes are on her all the time; as in the plot people can also guess what happens after that – she will be devoured. The red hood stands out and is the focus point throughout the cartoon, which might be a representation for her attraction to the wolves. In fact, it emphasizes the image of Little Red Riding Hood and forces people to look at details. She is actually hiding a small gun and ready to shoot at those wolves whenever she needs. As soon as I noticed the gun and looked at her facial expression, I know this is a different story.  Not as people expected her to be, the little girl is shrewd and secure. Red Riding Hood knows what she is doing and she prepared for bad situations. She is absolutely not a na├»ve girl being seduced by animal-like characters. She is attractive, but aware of herself that pushes her to take care of her action. 
      From my opinion, the main point of the cartoon is the representation of victim-hood. People often overlook the situation by ignoring small details, so things do not come out as we have expected. People are also not they seem or are thought to be. Someone who goes for harming other people can become a victim, and the one who is judged as weak and innocent can actually be an audacious figure. In modern society, there are girls who are seduced by males and then receive negative consequences, there are still those who beware of the dangers, know to use their advantages to protect themselves. There are always two-sided problems. The importance is that how the society and experiences are influences her awareness and forces her to take any necessary action for her own goods and develop personalities and initiatives.