Sunday, February 10, 2013

Definition of Fairy Tales

Fairy tale can be understood as fictional narratives, mostly written for children. However, getting to know more about fairy tales, I realized that fairy tales are for all ages. Defining fairy tales correctly is not an easy task because of the variant and diverse of fairy tales in different areas of the world. A common aspect of fairy tales is the existence of magic or fantasy (for example: witches, beast, enchantment) throughout the story line. The fictional aspect in fairy tales is of great essential; it brings up a miraculous world which is just in human’s imagination. 

Ralf Hasse - Fairy Tale Children Child Picture
Fairy tales are easy to read and understand because they simplify all situations, and characters in those tales are quite typical and clearly polarized. The characters are not complicated and represent either good or evil so that children can differentiate between the two and make their choice on who they want to become. The plot is very concise and coherent and the way it was written is certainly straightforward: all unnecessary details in fairy tales are eliminated, just the main contents being kept. I found fairy tales very interesting in that they present those contents in such an imaginative form.  
Fairy tales are based on many archetypes. They are human’s collective unconscious, “being the structural basic disposition to produce a certain mythologem” and also a “closed energetic system”, according to Marie-Louise von Franz in “The Interpretation of Fairy Tales”. From those archetypes, certain motifs are created, some are similar. Also fairy tales are interpretation of dream and “elementary thought” of people. Then each story begins to be enriched and becomes coherent.
For every fairy tale, it was written down in order to impart a lesson, in an easily comprehensible way. The lesson learned may be different for different people, but every reader can gain something for themselves from the tales as fairy tales enrich imagination, develop intellect and enable readers to deal with difficulty in real life.

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