Thursday, May 9, 2013

Final Reflection

         Throughout a semester with fairy tales and folktales around the world, I have learned a lot from this class. The class provides me with multiple ways of approaching the materials, enables me to study in different means. Especially, I learned a lot from the class discussions, when questions are brought up and every one uses what they have studied previously to give their own opinions. The class is not only discussion itself but also includes movies or guest lectures. Each guest lecture brought a different perspective to the study of fairy tales. Particularly I like the lecture by Dr. Ochieng that he taught us how to dance and sing and brought us closer to the oral folktale tradition in Kenya. Also, weekly blog entry, reading books and researching for the term paper require individual learning and cooperate greatly with what I did in class.
In this class, I was introduced about the fairy tales around the world: Europe, African, Asia, but the most emphasis is the western fairy tales. Fairy tales are analyzed based on traditional, historical, sociological or feminist point of view. The readings are also very helpful in the way that they present the ideas or themes behind the stories, help me understand the moral lessons that the tales want to teach people. Furthermore, they also compare the materials from the original stories with versions from Disney movies. The class discussions put an insight on several motifs that have meanings behind, helping me understand the literary aspect of the text.
The readings are somewhat challenging. I usually spend a long time reading the materials because I want to understand them thoroughly. In fact, I enjoy those readings that analyze the stories or those introduction sections by Tatar, while those that contain theories (by von Franz) need more time and reading skills.
Overall, I really like this class because it offers what I cannot have from other courses in my major. I read and gain more knowledge about the fairy tales, which are indispensable in my childhood. My reading and analytical skills are much improved, but more importantly, this semester, I do have a great journey with fairy tales and have been filled with great imagination about the fairy tales’ characters.

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