Sunday, April 7, 2013


The well-known movie Pretty Woman portrays a story of a woman who steps from low-class to high –class by her charm and beauty. It has the motif on “rags to riches through magic and marriage”. It is quite a surprise for me as this movie is of the same motif with Cinderella’s.
This movie casts two main characters: Vivian and Edward. Vivian is a prostitute, which is considered a humiliating job. She is beautiful but is always in cheap and hooker-like clothes. It is truly a magic for her that she meets Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman and he gives her an interesting offer that she can earn an amount of money that she never think of. Edward is absolutely a prince in the dream of tons of girls – he has money, a respectable job and overall he is such a gentle and charming man. The destiny makes a low-classed woman meet a high-class man and makes them fall in love. Edward loves her because she is special, lovely and kind-hearted and Vivian loves him as he sees her true personality and considers her as a person of worth. The process of Vivian’s transforming from rags to riches is seen through the change in her appearance. She wears beautiful dress, shoes and even precious jewelry. And the complete transformation is through marriage when Edward himself went to her place and gave her a bunch of roses which is the proof of love. 

In reality, this kind of story can happen, but not all the time. In Cinderella, Cinderella changes her destiny thanks to the magic that enables her to meet the charming prince and gets married to him. However, such magic is just in fairytales. In real life, some people can step from rags to riches because of their charm, and fortune, too. However, the importance is that charm or marriage itself is not enough. In order to reach success and happiness, one has to work hard and seeks for and makes the best of any opportunity that he/she has. Charms is just one of factors, not everything for anyone to reach success or happiness.  

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